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Shortage of Qualified Staffing Compromises Organizations Strategies

Qualified staffing shortage is compromising Dutch companies’ well-functioning and growth ambitions. Talentos@Work Recruitment works with a large untapped pool of talented highly qualified and driven professionals. 

Talentos@Work Recruitment is specialized in recruiting international professionals. We primarily focus on Beta Sciences, Technology, Engineering and IT areas.

In a globalized and ever-changing world, companies attract talents from all over the world and qualified workforce move to where they can add value to and develop themselves.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fill the critical gap of qualified workforce in the Netherlands by leading your company to the brightest, creative and committed people, who also aim to develop themselves in an international knowledge-based setting.  We connect top teams with top professionals on a global scale, also boosting diversity in technical areas.

We are a trusted liaison for internationals: we have the know-how of the process and emotions internationals go through until they are successfully re-allocated.



What is there for you?

Is your ambition to develop an international step in your career in the Netherlands? To live in a safe country where people value a good life-work balance? You want to work for international organizations where you can develop your full potential and where your hard-work and commitment are valued? If all this sound right for you, Talentos@Work is your partner for you fulfilling your ambitions.

An international job is a journey involving emotions in each step demanding focus and dedication. Our team has an eye for the person behind the candidate. We are a reliable recruitment agency specialized in the Dutch labour market in the areas of Sciences, Technology, Engineering and IT. 

In the head and the heart of our operations is a Brazilian who has moved to the Netherlands in 2008 and ever since has successfully developed her career and personal life in this beautiful country.


What Can You Expect?

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What can you expect?

We work with candidates from top universities with an University Degree, PhD in the areas of Beta Sciences, Technology, Engineering and IT with a focus on Brazilian professionals.

We work with professionals willing to emigrate and to integrate.

Candidate Relationship Management Services

For an expat, getting integrated into the Dutch society is a key step in their onboarding process. To accelerate this process for your newly hired talent, Talentos@Work also offers a Candidate Relationship Management Services.

These services include: remaining in contact with your talents during immigration procedure and coaching your talent with their first settlement steps in the Netherlands. 

Why Highly Skilled Migrants?

Knowledge migrants are important for the innovative strength and the business of the Netherlands. There is an increasing interest for highly qualified professionals from outside the EU in order to tackle labour shortages.

As a result of this, the Dutch government also strives to facilitate the migration of knowledge migrants by implementing an inviting policy to attract these talents. 

Talentos@work recruitment

Why do we focus on Brazilian Highly Skilled Professionals?

Here some aspects from Brazilian working culture that Dutch companies could benefit of:

• Brazilians are creative and resilient: they have a unique problem-solving perspective resulting from growing up in a very eclectic culture.
• Brazilians are intrinsically motivated.
• Brazilians have a strong “we/us” mentality: people value team working and see success as a collective responsibility. Brazilians employees value not only their own personal success but also the successes of their teams and of the company.
• A working week of 40 hours is the norm for most Brazilians. Therefore, Dutch companies can benefit from a reduced numbers of employees for each FTE.

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