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Is your ambition to develop an international step in your career in the Netherlands? To live in a safe country where people value a good life-work balance? You want to work for international organizations where you can develop your full potential and where your hard-work and commitment are valued? If all this sound right for you, Talentos@Work is your partner for you fulfilling your ambitions. An international job is a journey involving emotions in each step demanding focus and dedication. Talentos@Work recruitment team has an eye for the person behind the candidate. Also important to mention: candidates will not be charged any fee during selection process. 

We are a reliable recruitment agency specialized in the Dutch labour market in the areas of Sciences, Technology, Engineering and IT. We focus on the recruitment of international talents for the Dutch top employers.

In the head and the heart of our operations is a Brazilian who has moved to the Netherlands in 2008 and ever since has successfully developed her career and personal life in this beautiful country.

Talentos@Work focuses on professionals with an academic degree

Talentos@Work focuses on professionals with an academic degree to fulfil vacancies in this knowledge-based economy. Please see below some requisites from our ideal candidates:

  • To be fluent in English both written and spoken (any other additional language is also beneficial)
  • To have a Master Degree or a PhD degree in Science (for instance Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics), Technology, Engineering and IT
  • As a starter, you should have obtained your degree (either in Brazil or abroad) no longer than 2 years ago
  • You might have a researcher background in any of the above-mentioned areas
  • It might be beneficial if you have obtained your degree in the Netherlands
  • You might have obtained your degree in the top ranked 200 universities
  • You might be an experienced professional currently working in the Netherlands and pursuing your the next step of your career 

In addition, it is important to:

  • To be open-minded, flexible, with an international and a growth-mentality
  • To be willing to migrate to the Netherlands, to learn the Dutch language and to integrate into the Dutch society

Documents you will need:

  • A valid passport
  • Diplomas and certificates of your degrees


How do Talentos@Work support you reaching your goals

Talentos@Work is not an immigration agency. In order to move and to live in the Netherlands, it is necessary to have an employer in the Netherlands applying and arranging your migration procedures. 

Talentos@Work is your recruitment partner supporting you to find a job opportunity in the Netherlands.

If a vacancy matches your profile, Talentos@Work will contact you to schedule a first online interview before you are introduced to a potential employer. 

To increase your chances of success in the selection process, we will coach and support you by:

  • Elaborating a powerful and attractive C.V. which represents shows the excellent professional you are and is attractive to potential employers.
  • Helping you with your branding by building a strong LinkedIn profile.
  • Coaching you the most on the most relevant (online) interviews techniques.
  • Advising you on the paperwork so that you know what is expected from you.
  • Helping you to get a better understanding of the Netherlands: introducing you on main aspects of the Dutch mindset and culture.


What is like working in the Netherlands – Working Culture

To give you a glimpse of what is like to work and to live in the Netherlands, we share beforehand some interesting aspects of the Dutch culture with you.

It is “acceptable” to disagree
The organizational structure in the Netherlands is quite flat. Hierarchy and power distance are relatively lower compared to Brazil or even when compared to other European countries. In the Netherlands, it is valuable to discuss different point of views until an agreement is reached which is acceptable for the most.
In the working environment, it is quite normal to have a chat with your superiors or with any other high-level personnel of the organization during or a coffee break for instance.

Directness, solution-minded and go-getter

In the Netherlands you can expect a direct communication. People ask what they want to know, they say what they think. Indirect communication is not really a common practice. Dutch people are also very organized and long term oriented. In the work environment, you can expect pragmatic and solution minded colleagues.

Working hours
In the Netherlands you are expected deliver on the agreed targets and deadlines and to perform well. Regarding your working hours, you are expected to register your worked hours yourself. In many cases, you will also manage and register your days-off and vacations.

The working day in the Netherlands usually begins at 9:00h and ends at 17:00h with a typical midday 30-minute pause for a sandwich. Flexible working hours is on raise. So, you do not need to feel embarrassed if you leave your workplace before your superiors if you need to.

Punctuality is in the Dutch genes! Be aware that if you have an appointment, with a colleague, customer or a friend, make sure you are on time!

Life-working balance
Do you want to perform well at work but also have time for your family, friends and sports? Dutch people work hard and are very committed to their work, however Dutch people are champion at a good work-life balance. 

Fit while commuting to work
Netherlands is a flat country with mild temperatures. Therefore, in this country, people usually commute by bicycles through safe bike paths and/or public trains, if you need to go to another city.

Nice in the Netherlands

Why to live in the Netherlands?

Netherlands is a relatively small but highly populated country with about 17 million inhabitants. Netherlands is a safe and well-ordered country with high-level life standards. Some aspects about the Netherlands we should really consider:

The Netherlands is one of the safest countries in the world, occupying the 21st position in a global ranking according to the Global Peace Index (GPI) report 2022. Key factors in this position are low criminality and low homicides rates.

The Netherlands is the 5th happiest country in the world (World Happiness Report 2023). Furthermore, the Netherlands is the only country in the world with the smallest gap between life evaluations of the population with the highest and the lowest incomes.
On top of that, the Netherlands is on top of Unicef’s overall list for children’s wellbeing. Nine out of 10 among 15-year-olds say they have high life satisfaction. That is the highest proportion of all the countries Unicef examined.

Education is very important to Dutch society. The country has more than 50 universities and many more institutions for higher education. High quality public primary schools and secondary schools are accessible to all children independent the family’s income.
In the Netherlands more than 80% of the population has a completed secondary education (OECD Better Life Index) and the score is reading literacy, maths and sciences is higher than average scores among OECD countries.

You can upload your C.V here

    Please note that during selection process the authenticity your diplomas, certificates and references can be checked. This process is carried out respecting your privacy and any confidentiality agreements in place. You may also be requested to translate relevant diplomas to validate them in the Netherlands.
    Regarding our selection process, please see our Privacy Statement.

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