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Privacy Statement

Talentos@Work Recruitment handles your personal data carefully making use of secured information systems and clear privacy statements in compliance with the most recent version of the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this privacy statement you will find the following topics:

• Updates to privacy statement
• Talentos@Work Recruitment: who we are
• Security of your data
• From whom we collect personal data
• What data we collect and with which purpose
• For how long we keep your personal data
• With whom we might share your personal data
• Agreements with Clients on data from candidates (job applicants)
• Your rights
• Your responsibilities
• Getting in contact with Talentos@Work Recruitment


1- Updates to privacy statement
This privacy statement can be amended according to changes in the General Data Protection Regulation and related laws and regulations. Talentos@Work Recruitment recommends you carefully reading our most updated privacy statement, which has been written and revised in July 2023.
All collected and processed information either from candidates (job applicants) and clients will only be used in the context of communication, selection and recruitment purposes. Please find below what that exactly means for you and for your organization.

2- Talentos@Work Recruitment: who we are
Talentos@Work Recruitment is a selection and recruitment agency focused on international high skilled employees for the Dutch labour market in the areas of Science and Technology. Talentos@Work Recruitment is registered at Brucknerlaan 24, postcode 3533KE in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

3- Security of your data
In the context of selection and recruitment, Talentos@Work Recruitment is responsible for the processing of your personal data following regulation stated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 25 May 2018. General Data Protection Regulation is applicable in all European member states to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe.
At Talentos@Work Recruitment we do our outmost to protect your personal data by means of our information security policy. We have measures in place to prevent unlawful use of your data. However, might an event of a security leak and/or a data leak occur, Talentos@Work Recruitment will inform affected parties about this event as soon as possible after Talentos@Work Recruitment has taken knowledge of the event. The duty to report in any case includes reporting the fact that there has been a leak or an incident, as well as the (alleged) cause of the leak or incident, the known/expected consequences and/or expected solution to be proposed and what affected ones can do to protect themselves. Our security measures are regularly evaluated and updated. Where necessary, these measures are also extended to all third parties we might share your data with.

4- From whom we collect personal data
Personal data is shared with Talentos@Work based on a legitimate interest, free and informed consent, legal obligation and/or for the execution of the agreement in accordance with the purposes of the services we offer. We collect and process information from:
• Visitors of Talentos@Work Recruitment website and users of the app
• Candidates (job applicants)
• People who made themselves their personal (contact) information available in public resources
• Business relationships (clients)

5- What data we collect and with which purpose
We collect and process personal data that is necessary and/or mandatory for Talentos@Work Recruitment to communicate and to perform our mediation, selection, and recruitment activities as well as other related services. More specifically:

• Visitors of Talentos@Work Recruitment website and users of the app
What data we collect: Talentos@Work collects non-identifiable information such as: device used for accessing the website or app, browser used, date and time of access, the operating system visitors use, the source from where the visitor were directly linked to our website, the parts of the website or app visited, the pages of the website or app visited, information about the type of device used and the material sent or download from the website.
Purpose: Talentos@Work Recruitment uses cookies and web statistics to evaluate how the website is utilized by visitors. With this information we are enabled to improve the website and browser experience.

Candidates (job applicants)
What data we collect: Talentos@Work Recruitment collects and process data from candidates (job applicants) upon registration on Talentos@Work Recruitment website. More specifically we collect: account information such as username, official name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other contact details, birth (voluntarily provided) and place, gender (voluntarily provided), Curriculum Vitae (CV), information about education, internships and trainings, work experience, details on availabilities; references and testimonials. As the selection process proceeds, Talentos@Work Recruitment might request other documents such as copy of diplomas, certifications as well as list of grades and records, a passport photo. A copy of an ID, for instance a copy of a passport, might be requested as an identity proof. Depending on the position candidate is applying for, Talentos@Work Recruitment might request a certificate of conduct and/or an Evidence of No Criminal Record.
Purpose: This information is mandatory and necessary for Talentos@Work’ selection and recruitment services such as mediation and assessing suitability of candidates for work positions. This information is also necessary for informing candidates about open positions and updates about our services, the properly handling of inquiries, complaints, and feedback. This information is obtained when a job applicant create an account and/or register their C.V in our website for either a specific vacancy or as an open application.

People who made their personal (contact) information available in public resources
What data we collect: Talentos@Work Recruitment collects information such as C.V and contact information of people with a Linked-In profile or people who have registered in public job boards.
Purpose: If Talentos@Work Recruitment have a justified reason to believe that these people and or organizations would be interested in our selection and recruitment services, Talentos@Work Recruitment will use this (contact) information for communication purposes. For potential candidates, Talentos@Work will ask if they are interested in registering their C.V with Talentos@Work Recruitment in accordance with our terms and conditions and subject to this Privacy Statement.
Talentos@Work Recruitment might also approach people from organizations via Linked-In (or any other public made database), based on information made publicly on that channel for communication purposes.

Business Relations
What data we collect: Talentos@Work Recruitment processes personal data of people working for companies with whom we do business with (clients). Talentos@Work Recruitment understands by personal data from business relations: company name, contact information, function in the company and information of the company, description of the vacancy, including salaries and benefits. This information is provided by the client in function of the assignment entering a business relationship with Talentos@Work. In a later stage, Talentos@Work might request a copy of contract the company is entering with the candidate selected via Talentos@Work Recruitment.
Purpose: This information is mandatory for Talentos@Work Recruitment operational work towards our clients such as: elaborate and to send offers and contracts, establish and perform an assignment and invoicing, be able to determine creditworthiness of clients. Talentos@Work Recruitment also uses this information to communicate with our clients, to share relevant information and updates about our services and to properly handle inquires, complains and feedback.

6- For how long we keep your personal data
Based on the principle of collected and processed data is not retained any longer than necessary, Talentos@Work Recruitment keeps data to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected. The required retention period is based on, and it can be determined by applicable laws and regulations and possible claim risks. In general:
For open applications: Talentos@Work Recruitment requests consent to retain all information provided by candidates for a period of 12 (twelve) months. After this period, Talentos@Work Recruitment might request an update of the information provided and the consent to extend retention period for another 12 months. If candidates do not consent, all retained information will be destroyed within 4 weeks after the request has been sent.
If candidate has not been selected for a specific vacancy: All processed information will be destroyed after 4 weeks the selection process has ended. Talentos@Work Recruitment might request candidate’s consent to retain information for a period of 12 (twelve) months. After this period, Talentos@Work might request an update of the information provided and the consent to extend retention period for another 12 months. If candidates do not consent, all retained information will be destroyed within 4 weeks after the request has been sent.
Personal details of our business relations: will be kept for two years after the end of the last placement. Please note that in some cases, the retention period is determined by applicable laws and regulations. Information and personal data relevant for, for example financial administration purposes of Talentos@Work Recruitment, must be retained for a period of seven (7) years.

7- With whom we might share collected personal data
Talentos@Work Recruitment might share (some) collected personal data with the following (categories) of recipients:
• Subcontractors and suppliers (such as data processors), who deliver services or execute assignments on behalf of Talentos@Work Recruitment. These recipients only have access to the data they necessarily need to perform their tasks and they are bound by contractual obligations with Talentos@Work Recruitment.
• Third parties such as service providers, who execute tests and assessments on behalf of Talentos@Work Recruitment, parties who execute research on customer satisfaction business partners and professional advisors such as lawyers, auditors, technical support functions and IT consultants who develop and test our systems. These third parties are regarded as data processors according to applicable laws and regulations. Talentos@Work Recruitment remains therefore responsible for the careful processing of the personal data collected.
• Clients (potential employers) to whom Talentos@Work Recruitment may introduce candidates to.
• People and organizations who have information on candidates references or suitability, for instance for diplomas veracity checks and validations.
• Third parties to whom Talentos@Work Recruitment provides data to, with consent of data owner, in connection with data portability.
• Government agencies and other bodies if we believe we are obliged or entitled to do so.
• In all other cases in which Talentos@Work Recruitment may be obliged to do so, for example by a court order or a court judgment.

8- Agreements in place with clients

• Clients (potential employers) are not allowed to retain and to use information of candidates who has not been selected/employed for a specific vacancy, neither can they make this information available to third parties.
• Both Talentos@Work Recruitment and clients will treat information provided to each other strictly following the General Data Protection Regulation and related laws and regulations, only use it in the context of the assignment.
• Without written permission from Talentos@Work Recruitment, clients are not permitted to keep (personal) data relating to candidates who have not been employed, neither to make this information available to third parties.
• Clients cannot expect any data/information from Talentos@Work Recruitment which Talentos@Work Recruitment is not allowed to provide and/or collect based on applicable laws and regulations.
• Clients are not permitted to use (assessment) reports of candidates, without the prior written consent of the candidates and of Talentos@Work Recruitment, neither to provide this information to third parties.

9- Your rights
Talentos@Work Recruitment takes your rights very seriously. You have the right to:
• Access to the personal data that Talentos@Work Recruitment process from you. This information can be accessed in “My Talentos@Work”.
• Deletion of your personal data or restriction of processing. In certain circumstances, Talentos@Work Recruitment might have a valid reason not to do so, such as a legal obligation to process or not to delete personal data.
• Rectification of your personal data.
• Restriction of the processing of personal data.
• An objection to the processing of personal data.
• Withdraw your consent at any time. However, withdrawing your consent does not affect the lawfulness of any prior processing based on your previous consent.
• Receive the data for the right to data portability (transferability).

To exercise your rights stated above, you can contact us with your request. Please see below our contact information:
• E-mail: info@talentoswork.com
• Visiting address: Brucknerlaan 24, 3533KE, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Please note that to make sure we are dealing with the owner of the data, we might require a proof of identity.

Furthermore, you can also:
• Unsubscribe for newsletter, alerts, or any other messages you might have subscribe for. This can be done via the “unsubscribe option” in the communication e-mail received.
• Prevent cookies from being placed in your device of access and removing cookies from your device. This can be done through your browser settings and cookies settings.

10- Your responsibilities
• Please be aware that you have responsibility for the security of your computer, telephone and of your own internet connection.
• The transmission of personal data through internet therefore occurs at your own risk. The correct operation and security of Talentos@Work Recruitment website and or app is only applicable if the device, on which the app is installed, is equipped with the official versions of operating systems from @@Google (Android) and Apple (iOS), which are supported by Talentos@Work Recruitment.
• Please be aware that you are responsible for any personal data of yourself you have made available on/via the internet.

11- Getting in contact with Talentos@Work Recruitment
• Might you have any questions, please send us an e-mail to info@talentoswork.com
• Might you have any concern, remarks, questions, or complaints regarding the protection of your personal data by Talentos@Work Recruitment please contact us through e-mail address: info@talentoswork.com
• Might you suspect of data breach or unauthorized access to personal data, please let Talentos@Work know immediately through the e-mail address info@talentoswork.com
• Please mind you have always the right to file a complaint about the processing of your personal data with the Authority of Personal Data.

12- Non-discrimination statement Talentos@Work Recruitment
• Every candidate will be treated equally by Talentos@Work independent of age, religion, beliefs, political opinions and/or affiliation, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, marital status, physical limitations which is not relevant for the function.
• To avoid discrimination from any nature, based on any ground, all non-function related requirements and information, either from potential employers or candidates, shall not be considered by Talentos@Work during the selection process.
• All recruitment process performed by Talentos@Work is transparent. We are available to answer questions related to selection process and recruitment at any time via our contact information.

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